About Us

National Switchgears is synonymous with Resistors. It was established in the year 1978 and is in business of designing and manufacturing resistor for various energy control applications since then. It is a professionally managed, highly focused and an ISO company.

We are also manufacturing Switch disconnectors for both indoor and outdoor applications up to 36KV. National Switchgears stands for quality ,Engineering design, reliability and service.

Leading companies, Multinational Engineering organizations and Consultants in India are our regular customers. We have been exporting our products to well over 38 countries which include Australia, Japan, UK, South East, African and Gulf countries. The products have been tested at CPRI (India), KEMA, Netherlands for International Standards. Most of the equipments are manufactured in accordance with relevant IEC, BS and NEMA Standards.

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Our Products

  • Neutral Grounding Resistor
  • Switch Disconnertor
  • Harmonic Filter Resistor
  • Load Bank
  • Dynamic Breaking Resistor
  • Neutral Grounding Resistor